Cluster Meeting

Published March 7, 2018 by D in News

The meeting for Brendan and Cronan clusters will now take place on Thursday 22 March from 8-10pm in the Obama Plaza, Moneygall.

All are welcome to attend and we especially invite members of the Parish Pastoral Council to attend.
Here are the questions for focus and reflection:

If our parish was to be part of a group of parishes, working together into the
future, which parishes surrounding us are the best fit to our parish? Which are
easy to access and which are difficult?
 What do you think will make a Christian Community, viable and sustainable
into the future? – People, Sacraments? Priests? Churches?
 If there was no priest in our parish, where would we find our Christian
o In our own parish?
o In a neighbouring parish?
 How can parishes support each other in the changes which will occur into the
 How can Liturgy led by Lay People deepen the sense of a local Christian
 What investment needs to take place in People as opposed to Buildings to
prepare for the future?