Parish Pastoral Council

Published February 22, 2017 by D in News

The PPC met recently and was addressed by Fr Ger Nash, director of pastoral planning in the diocese of Killaloe. His words gave the PPC a sense of direction for the coming year. The need to make a short and clear pastoral plan for our parish will be the primary focus at our next meeting on 8 March to cope with the changes facing parish and cluster.

It was noted that Fr Michael will be away from the parish from 13 March to 13 May and though there will be no change to the Sunday Mass schedule, some adjustments will be necessary as there will only be one priest working full-time in the parish.


‘The right and duty of laypeople

to work in the mission of the Church

comes directly from Christ himself.

Through baptism

all are brought into the family of Christ,

and with the power of the Spirit at confirmation,

all are assigned to work

all are called to animate the world

with the Spirit of Christ.

Throughout our lives, then,

baptism forms the foundation

of our apostolate.’

(From Article 3 on the Decree on the Laity from the Second Vatican Council)